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One, 2, three
And it crumbles apart.
How do I tell you I love you,
if I am neutral,
We've pulled away.
You to your life of numbers,
of perfect wholeness.
And I'm running away.
One step at a time,
One bottle, one experience.
And you don't understand,
I don't want you to.
My eyes are open,
But not to what you see,
:iconwhildchild:whildchild 1 5
Music gives the rhythm
You dance your dance together,
Pirouettes and twirls.
And I dance mine,
In different circles,
With different music
And a different style.
And the world keeps on turning,
And the sky is open still.
And the sun just keeps on burning
And the winter keeps its chill.
And I just keep on dancing.
One more step, a bow, a smile.
Remembering how it was,
And dreaming how it will be.
:iconwhildchild:whildchild 2 0
Mature content
Wishes :iconwhildchild:whildchild 3 4
Almost baby
I mourn
a "seven-and-a-half-pound-brown-eyed-red-haired"
Which I couldn't have kept,
would never have held,
never have seen.
Why can't I forget?
:iconwhildchild:whildchild 3 0
For You
The stars are always shining.
They burn and flame. Immortal, like a phoenix,
Dying to be reborn, another star. A new dream.
The stars are always shining.
They are blazing, just for you -
Eternal. A symbol for your hopes, your dreams.
The stars are always shining.
So, stretch your hands a little further,
Just reach.
Capture your star.
:iconwhildchild:whildchild 3 2
Eyes open
Sall incredibly exciting
This life business
This living business
This consciousness business
This waking-up-in-the-morning business
This feeling-the-floor-beneath-your-feet business
This water-running-through-your-hands business
This heart-beating-in-your-chest business
This hopelessly-terrifiedly-helplessly-in-love business
This finding-a-home-and-not-just-a-place-to-sleep business
This growing-up business
This alcohol-rushing-through-your-veins business
Sall incredibly exciting.
But inexplicably terrifying.
:iconwhildchild:whildchild 2 2
I hear her talk about salads and weigh-ins,
I watch her cycle and laugh,
I see her glee at losing weight.
Why can't I be happy for her?
I resent that she can lose
And that it doesn't represent
A fall backward,
Down the rabbit hole.
I am melting under the heat of my anger,
I am frozen as inaction surrounds me,
I am trapped in a cage make of books and decisions,
I am lost in a world in my mind.
:iconwhildchild:whildchild 4 0
I am a changeling child.
I lost myself,
And found half of me.
The missing half
Haunts my dreams,
Who could I be?
If I was whole,
Untouched, perfect,
Not so out of place.
Not so lost.
Hopeful, yet despairing,
Head still full of space.
My heart is healing
So is my soul.
My hurt is easing,
Not in the cold.
And yet,
Why am I so cold?
I am a changeling child,
And the world is still
too full of suffering,
more than I can understand.
:iconwhildchild:whildchild 3 2
According to him
He tells me
That i am beautiful
And my head is screaming "LIES"
My heart is whispering "truth"
And my common sense
Flies out the window.
:iconwhildchild:whildchild 1 4
I want to run away with you,
Kiss you,
Hold you.
Run away from real life,
And fall in love,
And remember why life was so great.
I want to keep this happiness
in my heart forever,
And never let you go.
I want this to be perfect.
I want you to be perfect,
But no one really is,
And I'm afraid I'll realise that.
It will be ok.
:iconwhildchild:whildchild 7 8
She Whispers.
Fairy godmother, hidden curse,
Wishes of heaven, but so much worse,
Stomach empty, utter bliss,
I miss her.
And the mirror yells at me,
And I do not wish to see
That this could be better,
I miss her.
I can't bear her,
I know what she would prefer,
She would keep me,
But I need to miss her.
:iconwhildchild:whildchild 4 11
I'm here,
Waiting for the days, the nights,
The times that will make it all alright.
I'm sick of waiting.
I want quick fixes and magic spells
Instant ways out of a hell,
All of my own devising.
And i see my arms, my wrists
My hands balled up in fists
And all I want is to be perfect.
And I have to change something now
And I have to see something move.
I need to start everything, again.
All over again.
:iconwhildchild:whildchild 14 15
Mature content
A letter to Karen, aged 7 :iconwhildchild:whildchild 8 7
A Christmas Gift
"She'll give you the money, if you..."
"If I get rid of her. Course she'd say that!" He bowed his head guiltily and she pressed her forehead to the window, her red lips leaving berry stains on the window of his office. She straightened up and stretched her arms back. It was only then he saw the bulge against the loose fabric. "I can't, not just for the money."
"How far along are you?"
She smiled. "About 4 months. She's growing well too. I really do understand what Joy said about morning sickness though. How is Laurie?"
"Doing well. He just had his third birthday. He was asking for you."
"I miss that boy. And his mum's doing well? You're treating Joy well, right?"
"Yes, of course. I love that woman. What about the child's father? Is he still a part of your life?"
"No, not once I got pregnant. I couldn't keep living like that..."
"Sometimes, I think I should have told her, the first time I had to bring you home. Maybe then you wouldn't be in this state and I would still be able to get yo
:iconwhildchild:whildchild 4 13
He tears my heart out through my back,
hands it to be on a cracked glass plate
expecting salvation in the form of
kind words, redemtion.
wash, rinse, repeat.
the pressure on my lungs increases
my heart pounds painfully in
the cavity which once only held love
for him, for all,
which now lays empty except for the place where love still hides
clinging unflinchingly, nurtured by love of people
friends, family, them.
Red swirls mark the path his hands once took
over hips, waist, ribs.
I wish it would stop.
:iconwhildchild:whildchild 1 8
the cold is spreading.
I still love you.
I can never love you again.
The bitch whispers in my ears and all I can do is scream at her to stop.
Sometimes, I wonder would it be fair,
to press kisses to his lips.
To wrap his arms around me, whisper endearments in his ear.
But then I see him, and know. He's too precious,
to crush, torment, ignore,
to ruin - as before.
She still grates my ears, my head, my soul,
She still feels she is above
such things are moral dignity and self-worth.
But I know its all beyond her.
She'll regret it in the end.
:iconwhildchild:whildchild 2 13

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Journal History

I do believe… sums up my college experience so far.
Random songs, Russian and fangirling. Although we can't find a song for Putin...
I am really enjoying college, even if just for the difference in like pace.
Loving the classes, hating the homework though.
But it's all good.

Most awkward thing atm, is that Paula and Chambers have split up.
And Chambers really isn't taking it well...
And Elaine took it upon herself to inform Shane that Paula doesn't miss him at all, that he was a burden on her.
(This is a semi lie, she does miss him, but he was a lot of time).
Hence he's going a bit mental.
Ah well...

How is life for everyone else? Is anyone around on Friday?
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Long days and even longer nights.

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Skin of choice: my own generally. Its not the worst...
Favourite cartoon character: Pucca
Personal Quote: Kiaba boooooy....



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